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The Directors of Kirk Scaffolding Ltd are fully committed to ensuring the Health, Safety & Welfare of all employees, customers and others that may be affected by our operations and to discharge our moral, legal and economic responsibilities. We aim to establish and maintain the highest standards of health and safety performance within our sector of our industry and achieve our health and safety objectives. This commitment extends to the provision of all necessary resources in connection with health and safety at work. We also recognise our responsibility for other persons when they are on our premises.

We fully recognise that failure to adequately manage the health and safety elements of our business will result in harm to people and loss.

At Kirk Scaffolding, health, safety and welfare ranks equally with other business objectives, where health and safety management is a line management responsibility and must be an integral part of all activities. However, we require the full support and co-operation of all employees to ensure the effective implementation of the Company Policy and Safety Management System as a collaborative effort.

This Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and updated as necessary.

Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS)

The CISRS scheme aims to ensure that operatives erecting, altering or dismantling scaffolding are properly trained and have sufficient experience to carry out work safely and accurately.

Through a continuous training system we aim to have a fully qualified workforce at all times



At Kirk Scaffolding Ltd we believe the future of our business is dependent on attracting and retaining a strong Client base. To this end we have always strived to provide a quality service at a competitive price and have shied away from those Companies for whom price is the only consideration. We believe safety should be the main consideration from the safety of the scaffolders to the safety of those using the scaffold.

As a result, we aim to use only qualified card carrying scaffolders on our sites all having and using the correct PPE.

Once a scaffold is completed it is inspected before being handed over to the Client.

We also submit ourselves to random, unannounced, independent inspections by our retained advisors Simian Risk Management Ltd a firm with many years experience in the industry.

Together with Simian Risk Management, we have also developed the Kirk Scaffolding Safety Management System, the Key Elements of which are outlined below:

The company operates a Safety Management System based upon a process of 'Continuous Improvement'.

The Kirk Scaffolding - Safety Management System (SMS) is based upon the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, and its Approved Code of Practice and a proven interpretation of the Health and Safety Executive's publication HS(G)65 - 'Successful health and safety management'.

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